"I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me in favor of the land." Ezekiel 22:30

Monday, March 21, 2016

Those Catholic Men: Socialism Is Wrong For Men

In case you haven't seen it, my latest article over at Those Catholic Men is published. Here's an excerpt:
Volumes could be, and have been, written on the detrimental effects of socialism as an economic and political system, while Rerum Novarum, other Church documents, and countless other writings have detailed its disastrous philosophical and theological implications. The flavor of socialism as described by Pope Leo may be more heavy-handed than the “softer” European socialism of our contemporary era and that advocated for by some presidential candidates, nevertheless, his prophetic warning about the unjust nature of socialism rings as true today as it did more than a century ago. One only need count the millions killed in the 20th century by socialists like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Guevara to grasp the scope of injustice brought about by this system.
Read the rest over at ThoseCatholicMen.com

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm Fighting For Air

For yet another year, I am participating in the Fight For Air Climb. "The Climb", as it's simply referred to, is not just another 5k, or something-something-a-thon. No. The Fight for Air Climb is a "race" to the top of the Metropolitan Building in downtown St. Louis. That's 40 flights of stairs in about 10 minutes, depending on fitness level (my fastest time was about 6:30 a couple years ago when I won 3rd place in my age group).

As the race nears, I would appreciate your help.

You see, a few weeks before I started dating my wife, her dad, Robert Farley, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Sarah and I had been friends for a couple years prior to dating, so when she and her family learned of the diagnosis, it was obvious that something changed in her. She was obviously deeply saddened by this new situation but knew that whatever happened would be God's will.

For the next 2 years and 49 weeks, her dad battled the disease despite the tolls on his body. During that time Sarah and I grew closer, and eventually I proposed.

One Monday morning he went to the hospital for what seemed like a common cold. The next Monday, he passed away, a mere 5 months before we were married. He was the father-in-law I never had.

This is now my sixth year (I think) participating in the Fight For Air Climb. The first two years I participated for multiple reasons, not the least of which was to satisfy my competitive nature.

But now it's different.

I'm a little older, not quite in the same shape I was while playing college basketball, but I'm still submitting myself to 10 minutes (or so) of grueling physical activity in memory of Robert Farley and his valiant two year and 50 week battle with lung cancer.

Please consider joining Bob's Builders by making a generous donation to the American Lung Association to support our Fight For Air.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.