"I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me in favor of the land." Ezekiel 22:30

Monday, November 23, 2015

Two Important Updates

The months since I last posted here at A Man In the Gap have not been unproductive.

The first update to share is that I started blogging for the Virtual Vestibule, the official blog of the St. Louis Review and the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In fact, I have my own special section called "Heavenly Hoops" where I get to write about sports from a Catholic perspective. I'll be adding my recent "Hoops" posts to AMITG over the next couple weeks. That will help to bolster the "sports" section of this blog, which has been lacking over the past couple years.

The second update, well, it's soon to come. You'll have to stay tuned! More to come before the end of November.

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