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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Not Outraged

I had the idea to write this blog when the first video from the Center for Medical Progress was released a couple weeks ago. That video showed a meeting with a representative from Planned Parenthood negotiating the sale of body parts from aborted babies. But I wasn't sure exactly what to say. The recording was from a year ago, so it seemed old, and though the subject matter was revolting, I was not shocked. This was Planned Parenthood after all - the largest abortion provider in the country.

Then a second undercover video was released last week and I actually saved a draft of a blog with just a couple random thoughts. Outrage did not seem to be the right emotion at that time. Neither was disgust entirely accurate. Again, these are representatives from Planned Parenthood. These are sad, depraved people who work for a living at a company dedicated to murdering the children of scared, needy, and sometimes hopeless women. Do we really need undercover videos proving that they illegally sell fetal body parts to know this is an entirely disgusting enterprise?

Now a third undercover video has been released. After watching the video, I'm still not sure how to put my thoughts together in any sort of coherent manner.

I'm still not "outraged" per se, for all the reasons stated above. Neither am I horrified exactly. Planned Parenthood murders babies on a daily basis. I don't need any more reason to be outraged. I think I can safely assume most dedicated pro-lifers generally feel the same way.

So what emotion do I feel?

Ironically, I think it's hope. I'm hopeful that this is a watershed moment in American history when the vast majority of Americans will unite to collectively call for ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. This could be the moment the tide of popular opinion starts to turn dramatically away from a culture of death and towards a culture of life. After forty-two years of wandering in the desert of moral depravity, after seeing generations of Americans murdered, after years of marches, arguments, protests, and speeches, this could be the time when the walls of the modern Jericho come tumbling down.

A crowd of about 250 people gathered at the Planned Parenhood facility
in St. Louis on Tuesday, June 28th for the #WomenBetrayed rally

Attending the #WomenBetrayed rally in St. Louis on Tuesday, June 28th was an experience unlike anything I can remember experiencing. The shock, horror, and outrage at these recent developments were palpable in the 250 or so people gathered. But so was the hope and excitement, because we know the truth. We know that this farce cannot last. We know that "life will be victorious."

Despite all the moral reasoning, all the statistics, and the all science which support our cause, the stunning sight of seeing in these videos human beings in full color and sound coldly haggling over prices and describing the sale of body parts of fellow human beings, which mere minutes before were alive within their mothers - it is almost painful to describe - this is what will bring down the abortion industry. It may not happen tomorrow, next month, or next year. But I hope, pray, and yes, believe, that Satan's evil has been unmasked. 

It has been said that the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn't exist. You and I never bought the trick, but a whole lot of other people have. Well, the trick is over. We still have work to do because some people won't be easily convinced. It will still take marches, protests, rallies, speeches, moral reasoning, and political activity to turn back more than forty years of evil. It will require education. It will require digging deep into our pockets and helping women in need. It will take even more charity than we ever thought possible. But we will do it; we will end the tyranny of the culture of death in America.

No, I'm not outraged at Planned Parenthood because of these videos.

I'm hopeful, because I know our victory is at hand.

Update - 7.30.15 - 10:05am: I wrote this last night and posted this morning, just before finding out a fourth video has been released. I have not had a chance to watch it yet, but I doubt my feelings will change.

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