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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Matt Walsh Is Awesome

In case you don't know who Matt Walsh is, you need to discover him now.

He's a normal guy, and he writes in such a way that the average Joe can "get it." Basically, he's brilliant.

I might have a man crush.

Mr. Walsh recently delved into the topic of Pope Francis' recent apostolic exhortation, Evengelii Gaudium, and the supposed "Marxist" tendencies in the document. Walsh says everything I could ever possibly want to say, so I'll simply encourage you to read his post - here's an excerpt:
Here is the similarity between what Pope Francis said and what Karl Marx said: they both criticized certain elements of capitalism.

The end. That’s it.

To say that the Pope is automatically a Marxist because he condemned obscene wealth is like saying I am automatically a vegan because I didn’t have a Big Mac for lunch last Tuesday. It’s absurd.

The following is NOT the definition of Marxism: “Anything that isn’t capitalism.”

Karl Marx was a godless materialist; Pope Francis is an obedient and humble servant of Jesus.


Read the whole thing on The Matt Walsh Blog here.

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