"I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me in favor of the land." Ezekiel 22:30

Sunday, August 11, 2013

When "Clowning Around" Goes Too Far

I disagree with our President on just about everything. I find especially sickening his recent comments to a Planned Parenthood assembly.
This is what not to do even if you disagree.
There's a fine line between insulting or degrading a person and disagreeing with someone, however vehemently, with class and dignity. I may have crossed the line a few times with this president, especially considering his views on abortion. However, I try to stay out of that trap and remember that all human beings deserve respect (even though Obama doesn't seem to think so). Yet, that's what we have to do. Otherwise, we're no better off than the next heathen.
That doesn't mean we can't call people out for hypocrisy or actions that are flat out wrong. In fact, we should do so all the more fervently. Some of the best insults and reprimands come from great literary giants like Shakespeare and Chesterton. But they knew how to call someone out, even insult them, in a high-minded and impressive way.
Please, don't degrade people. Come on America. Aren't we supposed to be better than that?

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