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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Not Rushing to Judgement

This story has been making rounds on the internet for a week or so.

California Students Forced to Kneel Before Principal
Claiming it was a "safety policy," California elementary public school principal Dana Carter instituted a policy that required his students to "kneel down on one knee and wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them." One parent claimed that her daughter was forced to kneel before the principal "like a king" with her hands at her side until Carter came out, lifted his arms, and told students to go to class.
- Via Breitbart
The way I feel about it compared to many, many others makes me confident that I'm a level-headed guy. And if that's the worst thing you could call me, I'll take it!
Many, many people are making this story into a big deal. And it very well could be. But I'm not going to rush to judgment on a story with little-to-no context and details which are vague at best.

Look, on face value it sounds a little weird; but on face value I think it also sounds perfectly reasonable. Let's remember though that is did take place in California - not a state known for sanity, especially from a midwesterner's point of view. It could very well be that the teacher is a narcissistic ego-maniac. On the other hand, it could be that the parents are a bit crazey were waaaaay overreacting. I'm not inclined to take sides in this case.

Here's why:

If you've ever played sports, you've no doubt had a coach tell you "take a knee" then proceed to give you a short long lecture. Your coach probably then said "hit the showers" or something to that affect. Was your coach being an ego-maniac in asking you to kneel before him "like a king"? Or was he instituting a positive behavior intervention?

Or, think of it this way: have you ever been into a middle school as an adult and seen the organized chaos that is the hallway and lunchroom? I have. And it's insane. Kids are everywhere, moving around frantically, sometimes running (even though they're not supposed to), more than likely they're not listening to their teachers.

Now imagine if this particular school in California is made up of, shall we say "students more prone to trouble-making." What would you do to keep things in order? Well, making sure everyone takes a knee is one way to keep the kids from moving around all over the place. Plus, it's easy to spot a kid who is acting up and NOT taking knee. Discipline then becomes very easy.

So, I for one am not rushing to judgement. And frankly I'm really disappointed in my conservative-minded group of friends who have rushed to condemn this. Aren't we supposed to be the rational ones? Let the liberals get all emotional and worked up over some crazy news story. You and I, we're better than that. We need to step back and think a little bit before we react.

Besides, it's California. So why does it matter at all?

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  1. I'm Cali born and I turned out okay...As my dad always says he is a refugee to the midwest.