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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gov. Nixon's Wimpering Rebuttal to Gov. Perry

If I were British, I would say there was a bit of a "row" between the awesomeful governor of Missouri Jay Nixon and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

But I'm not British. I'm a Missourian. And this is downright embarrassing.

The St. Louis Beacon has a nice overview of the situation. (Click that link to read up on it if you're not familiar with what's going on.)

Basically, Perry paid for ads on Missouri airwaves to "take shots" at our economy and now Nixon is "firing" back.


Whereas Perry paid for ads all over the state, Nixon only bought ads on 550 KTRS (because KTRS refused to air Perry's ads).

Anyway, here's the transcript of Nixon's ad [plus some of my commentary]:
“This is Gov. Jay Nixon. [TRUTH!]
“You may have heard that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is trying to get
attention for himself by taking shots at Missouri. He's running radio ads
here to try to get businesses to go to Texas.
“I'd like to thank KTRS for refusing to air these misleading ads and
standing up for Missouri. [I actually do agree with him on this point.]
“Make no mistake, our businesses aren't going to Texas, and here's why:
“One, Missouri has lower property taxes than Texas. And lower sales taxes. [That's because they don't have income tax in Texas. They have to make up the difference somewhere.]
“Two, our students score higher on standardized tests. Graduation rates are
higher. [Not directly an employment issue. Related, but not directly.]
“Three, Missouri's unemployment rate ... below the national average for 4
years. [And what does this have to do with Texas?? I was curious, so I looked into this point. A quick search led me to the Bureau of Labor Statistics state-by-state unemployment rate: Missouri is #25 at 7.1%; Texas is #18 at 6.5%. Whoops.]
“And unlike Texas, Missouri has a perfect Triple-A credit rating.
“I'd like to thank the Kansas City Civic Council and the Springfield,
Columbia, and Callaway Chambers of Commerce for standing with us. By working together we're moving Missouri in the right direction.
“And as for the governor of Texas, he'll learn, you don't mess with folks
here in the Show-Me State.” [Uh oh. Watch out!]
And he didn't even mention Missouri's 12 World Series titles, including one over a team from Texas in 2011.

On a serious note, small kudos to Governor Nixon for sticking up for Missouri. We are a great state, and I can't imagine living anywhere else. However, our governor's pathetic attempt at defending our state, which is suffering under his failed economics policies (or lack thereof) is a little ridiculous and comes off like juvenile whining. If he were really serious about getting back at the Texas Governor, he would buy ads in Texas in an attempt to lure business here to Missouri. Then he would engage in some serious economic reform that would make Missouri the envy of folks in states like Texas. But he knows he can't do the former or the latter - the former because no one would listen, and the later because he's a Democrat.

Clearly, Gov. Perry isn't picking on Missouri just to pick on Missouri. He's running ads in Iowa, New York, California, and others in an attempt to build his name ID for another presidential run. Anyone with the smallest political bone in their body can see that.

Oh, and Governor Nixon, if you're reading this, one radio ad doesn't produce jobs.

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