"I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me in favor of the land." Ezekiel 22:30

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beware the Secular Humanists

Perhaps it is simply that I am growing older and (hopefully) more mature that I have recently been noticing a constant barrage of secular humanist ideology from the liberal left and the liberal right, especially through the main forms of media; movies, TV, print, etc. I see this as a sign pointing not only to where our nation is headed, but the entire world as well. We are in the advent of, perhaps already in, an age where the only religion is the religion of the Human. This humanism is an attempt by radical atheists to remove religion and more importantly Christianity from our world. I cannot tell whether the incorrect notion of separation of church and state is a side effect or part of the original movement of Secular Humanism. Either way, we have a problem on our hands. As much as atheists would like you to believe the opposite, separation of church and state is impossible. It is impossible, because even the most basic secular laws against murder, theft, and perjury are based in Judeo-Christian laws, The Ten Commandments specifically. However, separation of church and state is only a first step to the ultimate goals of the Secular Humanists, that is a separation of church from state, which implies a complete and utter disconnect between religion and "public policy." Even the term "public policy" implies a slight notion of secular humanist ideology similar to the idea of "public adminstration", a term coined by our tremendous fascist president, Woodrow Wilson. Public policy and administration hide behind the guise of doing what is best for the people. It is for the public that the administration does their work. This is not an inherently a bad idea - to help out fellow citizens - but when taken too far, the good of the public becomes the pinnacle of human achievement. The administration, or government, takes the place of God because no longer is God needed to provide for the people. It should be painfully obvious that "the good of the people" is the foundation for fascist, socialist, and communist ideologies.

The agenda of the Secular Humanists as I see it, is to remove what is immaterial (such as a belief in an almighty God) and replace it with a religion of materialism. Of course, vague, immaterial things such as friendship and love are acceptable, provided that they are directed at material objects. Hence, the global warming and "save the earth"-type causes are intended to replace Christian brotherly love with a "love the earth" agenda. God will be removed and cast aside. The Christian religion is only the first to fall under attack. Soon it will be the others. Christianity is merely the strongest foe to humanism, necessarily requiring complete destruction for a successful human agenda.

The goal of this movement is to place large amounts of power in the hands of a few elites. Secular Humanism is a liberal movement, taking place largely in the Democratic Party, but Republicans can also succumb to it. Don't expect to hear much talk of secular humanism in the mainstream media, or even on talk radio. It's not a fun topic, but that doesn't detract from its importance. If we give in to the Humanists, the Church of Global Warming, and the religion of Materialism then there will be no room in such a secular society for God, and in that case God will have to make room for himself. I'm not sure I want to see how He does that.

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